Halodrol Dose Time?

  1. Halodrol Dose Time?

    I am about to start a 4 week cycle of Halodrol, i am curious as to what time most users take there dose seeing as how there is only one dose a day. Should i take it right when i wake up at 7am or a little while before i go to the gym usually around1-2 pm. This is my first time using Halodrol, i used SD before and divided my doses but i cant do that in this situation. Anyone?

  2. HD-50 or liquigels?

    I took my HD-50 before bed, but I was lifting at 6am.
    Since you lift in the afternoon, take it with morning meal.
    I do believe PH's should be taken with food(protein).

    Gels..taken morn-afternoon- night

    I will assume by saying 1 dose that you mean HD-50

  3. Make sure you eat some good fats along with the dose of H-50. You can take it when you want, just same time every day.

  4. since it takes a few days to get into your system, timing isnt really that important, but take with a full meal and the same time daily as noted above

  5. thanks for the help. im gunna use real HD non of that liqui gel bullnonsense.

  6. Not to change the subject but thi sthread gets traffic ....should I continue my cardio on the Halodrol Cycle I am running, I could stand to lose a few percentage points of bf but dont wanna undermine the Halodrol and gains associated with it.

  7. Keep the Food intake up and the cardio will only help

  8. During my H-50 cycle I took one scored tab with breakfast. Breakfast consisted of

    10 egg whites
    2 whole eggs
    1 cup oatmeal
    1 cup mixed broccoli, onion, peppers

    along with my Animal Pak and 3 Fish Oil

    Don't know if the actual time is important as just making sure you take the dose at the same time everyday to allow stable hormone levels. Cycle went great though


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