On 3rd week of XMass Mega Trn need help

  1. On 3rd week of XMass Mega Trn need help

    I just started my 3rd week of my XMAss Mega Trn cycle. So far it has been great, no sides and my strength is going up every workout. I ran a superdrol cycle last year and just used Nolva as my pct. I was going to use Nolva again but I was also going to ad a test booster in the last week of my cycle thru the run with my Nolva. Maybe Diesal Test or something else. Can anyone tell me if this would be ideal? I don't want to lose all of my gains, some I would expect but not all.

  2. Sounds good so far..but a really bad question to ask, when you could just do a search on pct...Don't ever post a new thread before searching...

  3. Why isnt your PCT in place pre cycle? not tryna ba a dyck but buddy this stiff is important, you wouldnt leave for a road trip with a quarter tank of gas would you? When were talkin about hormones and fkin with your body you need to be on the ball. I personally dont see a prob with adding a test booster, but not until your cycle is finished if it were me. look into a cortisol blocker theyre cheap and itll help you keep those gains.

  4. It's not that I didn't have my pct planned, I just was thinking about adding the test boost to it. I'll look into the cortisol blocker. I appreciate your help.

  5. Here's how I would run your PCT

    day 1: nolva 60mg + test booster+ zma + cortisol blocker
    day 2: nolva 60mg + tb + zma + cortisol blocker
    day 3-7: nolva 40mg + tb+ zma + cortisol blocker
    day 8-14: nolva 20mg + tb + zma + cortisol blocker
    day 15-21: nolva 20mg + 25mg atd + tb + zma + cortisol blocker
    day 21-28: 25mg atd + tb + zma + cortisol blocker
    day 29-35: 25mg atd + tb + zma + cortisol blocker

    If it was me I would run toremifene in place of the nolva, but nolva will do if you can tolerate it.

    Diesel Test would be a good choice for the test booster, you might also want to look at the Horny Mack Jack stack from Nutra if you're feeling very shutdown / having libido problems;

    NutraPlanet.com: Horny Mack Jack Stack (combo pack) By NutraPlanet



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