NHA + Fenotest

  1. NHA + Fenotest

    Right now im running the NHA at 4 Ac and 2 RR. I am also taking 4 cissus ed for my joints. I Have a lot of fenotest left since a sale at NP. My question is if i can add Feno to my stack? Libido is a bit low at the moment because of a few stressfull months and Im having problem finding my old rabbit-mentality. Did powerfull a while back and it did nothing for me in that area. Im thinking about the HGW, longjack maca stack at NP? It's not a wood-issue its just the urge to initiate that is a bit lacking. When my gf(soon to be wife) initiating i dont have problems delivering. All advice apreciated!!!


  2. If you have some extra feno then I don't see why you couldn't add it to the stack. It might even help with the initiation part of things(trib is known to do that). I also think that the hgw and LJ stack would definitely help you out if the Act, Feno, RR stack doesn't.
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