ALCAR for someone recovering from double bypass

  1. ALCAR for someone recovering from double bypass

    I'll just get to the point! My dad had double bypass heart surgery about 3 months ago. He is 55 and is the person who got me into lifting and such. As far as I can remember he has always had MAD motivation. Ever since the heart surgery he has been depressed and VERY tired. I see this all the time at the hospital, but when it's your flesh and blood it bothers you.

    My question is that do you guys think that ALCAR would be safe for him? I take it all the time and it definately improves my mood and gives me CLEAN energy. I know that many of his meds contribute to his lethargy. In my opinion ALCAR would be the perfect supplement choice. I have read alot about the benifits! I just want some of the GURUS to chime in and give your personnal opinion. I know that my dad hates the state of mind he is in and I just want to help his well being without causing any problems. Thanks in advance!!

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  3. I'd hesitate to self-medicate anyone with a serious health condition. Does he have a doc that's open to discussing such things?

  4. I know that the whole subject of supps and medical conditions are a taboo subject. IMPO from research I believe that the ALCAR would benefit my dad without any adverse effects. I am just looking for a little possible REAL WORLD feedback. I know that many people will shy away from this sort of thing! Hell, I personally think that many people would have better health if they dropped their scripts and looked into supps and alternatives!

    About a week ago I saw Suzanne Summers talking on one of the news shows (maybe O reilly) about how she beat Breast Cancer without using conventional medical treatment. When she started talking about her treatments she was taking it went to a commercial break. The whole media network will not have this sort of thing showed to the public on national TV!

    I think that I'll actually give my dad about 500 mgs 2x/day. This should help pretty well with his fatigue and slight depression. I'm not going off the limb here! Any thoughts appreciated!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by yeahright
    I'd hesitate to self-medicate anyone with a serious health condition. Does he have a doc that's open to discussing such things?
    Honestly, in the region of the country where I live most of the doctors are very close minded about supps. Hell, my uncle (who is a doctor) thinks that vitamins are bad and eats nothing but fast food. I had a conversation with him about supps and similar things (I was testing his knowledge) and he had no clue about what I was talking about! Most doctors around here are just taught to throw a script at you. I know there are doctors from other parts of the country that are more educated about supps. I might hold off on the ALCAR for now just to be safe. Any other comments appreciated!



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