need help on my new stack

  1. need help on my new stack

    ok so here is the stack im going to be taking. pf/cissus, np's mass stack, xtend, and protein shakes

    im going to take pf/cissus like this to start
    2 when i wake
    2 b4 w/o
    2 b4 bed

    np's mass stack
    b4 i w/o

    1 around noon or b4 i go to bed and will sip some during w/o for sure

    the problem i have is that i usually have a pre and post shake. post shake is no problem, but when can i take my pre shake? if i take pf/cissus 30min b4 workout and mass stack b4 i drive to w/o when can i take my shake or should i just not do it anymore? the reason i ask is because i dont want to diminsh the effects of taking pf/cissus b4 w/o. or would drinking a shake, then about 10min later taking pf/cissus not diminsh the effect?

    would this work maybe? drink my shake 30min b4 w/o then when im out the door pop pf/cissus caps and wash it down with the mass stack?
    please advise

  2. np's mass stack is AEE, CM and CEE right?
    The new product NO-Creatine may be better to use because it won't taste like crap b/c of the CEE and AEE.

    Anyway, if you want to stick with the mass stack it should be fine as well
    As long as you leave about 30-45 minutes between the pills/powders and the protein shake you should be fine.
    The order you mentioned is better as well. If you are using a protein blend/concentrate, you should take the protein shake 45 minutes before lifting. Everything else should then be taken right before

    However I think that if you are using a WPI with water, its OK to take the protein with pills and powders, though some may disagree.

  3. thanks for the advice. what i want to avoid is taking my shake and ruining the effect of the pf/cissus dose b4 my w/o

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