shelf life of UA

  1. shelf life of UA

    Bought some from WYD, been sitting since Oct., still good?

  2. If it was in a cool, dry place...yeah, should be good to go...

  3. 'Bout time, dickbag. Wanna finish off the rest of that bunk you sent me.

  4. Dont make me kill you

  5. How about if it has been encapsulated, but for about 1.5 years? (Cool and dry). Does it really just depend on the amount of moisture?

  6. Yeah, most supplements have a pretty long shelf life. For example, I am looking at a bottle of UCP-1 and its expiration is 04/05. Just the air inside the bottle and capsules will work against a substance over time. I wouldn't say it went bad.. but its potency might be decreased. Suppose it depends on what your talking about though.


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