Dymatize Elite

  1. Dymatize Elite

    iv recently satrted using this suppliment, but it does not say how many to have a day? could anyone tell me and what the best time to have it are?


  2. I usually have 1-3 servings a day. On workout days 1 upon waking w/a carb source (usually fruit and/or grains), 1 an hr preworkout, and 1 postworkout. On rest days just 1 upon waking. But you can take it in between your heavier meals as well. I just try to ingest more solid food sources nowadays.

  3. yeah, they are really filling

  4. its a whey protein shake similar to many others out on the market

    it mainly depends on what ur current goals are (bulking/cutting) and where u usually fit ur protein shakes into ur diet

    but id say to definately have one pwo with some simple carbs to aid recovery

  5. iv been having one post workout (1-2 hours before, and one straight after



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