incredible alternatives to overpriced muscle-tech products

  1. incredible alternatives to overpriced muscle-tech products

    okay so im not gonna just jump on the i hate muscle tech train but i found better and similar alternatives to their overpriced/underdosed products. Some of there stuff does work but it is like i said way to pricy or underdosed. I found better and similar alternatives here it goes guys:

    anator p-70: okay so we got to hand it to muscle tech for the leucine, phenalyn formula but 90 bucks for 16 servings!!! well purple wrath by controlled labs gives you the same ingredients and 5x more the servings. Now anator has a high amount of leucine but if you triple up on the servings with purple wrath, you will undoubtly get more of the ingredents than what 1 serving of anator contains. Whats even better is even if you triple up the servings with controlled labs, you still get 30 servings, a REAL months supply.

    Gakic: I absolutly hated this product. choking down 8 horse pills or taking in a drink that tastes like insulin and tar, thats what you deal with gakic. whats even more pathetic is that it didnt really even work that well. Well heres a deal its called h-blocker from satori, the makers of meta-cell. This is 50 bucks and works. It does what gakic claims to do to your performance. You get a full months supply. also there is a stack called the maximum growth solution kit at for $70 and it includeds a full month of the h-blocker and cexl which is a creatine powder which contains 3 different types of creatine including cee and a great transport complex.

    cell-tech: i loved celltech!!!honestly there only really good product. but sizeon is hands down the best plain and simple just shut up and buy it.

    Nitrotech: on 100% you get 2 more grams a protein per serving and a lot of leucine with it and for the price a nito tech u can get 155 servings of this.

    Pumptech: I just f***ing hate this S***!!!! anything is better than pumptech.

    I havent tried leukic, or creakic so im not gonna bash something i have not tried.

    so there you go guys if you got in opinions im open to them lata bros!!!:burg:

  2. Great Post I will have to give purple wrath a try. What do you think about BSN?

  3. Thumbs down

    bsn in my opinion is the same type of company like muscle tech. some of there products are high quality but way to overpriced

  4. nice post

  5. I'm thinking if value for money is your thing getting bulk powders should be your focus, not alternative brand name products.

  6. Kemistry has 2 products called Gakix and Leukix, which are identical to Muscle Techs Gakick and Leukick.. quite a bit cheaper as well. Might want to give those a look over.

  7. some of the alternative brands have all the ingredients mixed for less of the price of some bulk powder for example purple wrath has 90 servings of a ton of bcaas

  8. Nice post, sorry I never tried those other products, I stopped buying Muscle Tech about 7 years ago! After buying there ephedra product I realized it was just another ripped Fuel clone but cost more than twice as much. When somebody does crap like that to me, I'm gone for ever! Haven't purchased a product since and will never!
    (plus during that time, they were getting products pulled for mislabeling etc, and if you need a "whole" mag to advertise there must be something sucking about your product.)


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