1. WMS/Dextrose/Malto....Help

    Just curious if anyone has any quick input or observations on how much of these 3 ingredients I should purchase? (waxy maize, maltodextrin,dextrose)

    If I use a standard 70cc scoop how many grams of waxy maize is this? or maltodextrin?....I know dextrose is about 40 grams.

    This is what I was thinking of purchasing....I dunno should I go all waxy maize...I want the insulin spike from the dextrose....Thinking about tossing the malto......

    waxy Maize starch 3lbs 20.97 33 servings
    maltodextrin 4lbs 9.16 36 servings
    dextrose 6lbs 13.74 54 servings

  2. I buy dex in 50 pound bags.....

  3. Well's heres what I think I'm going to get. I wanna try to make this last 8 weeks

    Each supplement listed here will be taken twice a day. Once in the morning, and again post workout....

    ISS Research Creatine monohydreate
    ON whey protein 10lbs

    20lbs of dextrose
    5lbs waxy maize(only post workout)
    L-Leucine 2lb (how much leucine do you suggest I take pwo)

  4. any comments on this pwo?

    12oz water +
    40g dextrose
    40g waxy maize starch
    5+ grams creatine monohydrate (creapure)

    Immediately chased with

    16oz water +
    40g ON whey protein
    10g L-Leucine

    What is the GI of waxy maize? Please post it if you know it, and provide a link to the source of information.


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