Can Formasin be taken post cycle?

  1. Can Formasin be taken post cycle?

    I just finished a 4 week cycle of T-1 Pro, very happy w/ the results, added about 15 lbs, although I do believe my bf did increase a few percentage pts, perhaps from 10 to 12%. I have about 2/3 of a bottle of 6-oxo for post cycle, have been taking 2 pills daily spaced 12 hrs apart (600 mg). To ensure I had enough post cycle to help restore my natural test, I ordered a bottle of Formasin as well.

    It appears I did this in error, as Formasin is to be taken during the cycle only for anti-e effects. I now have this bottle of Formasin and am curious as to the effects if I were to take it now, instead of the 6-oxo, or in combination w/the 6-oxo.

    I was hoping someone w/a better scientific background could chime in. Would there be any benefit to taking the formasin post cycle? Or would it have no effect, or perhaps a negative effect?

    Thanks. Trying to fix an error on my part.


  2. It is assumed by most that taking Formasin Post Cycle is a bad idea because it has small amounts of suppressive agents. I saw it argued by Bill and PA back in the day and I would say its better to be safe than sorry and NOT take it post cycle, only while on.

  3. hmm... thx alot WW7. I'll have to order another bottle of 6-oxo or nolva I guess... It looks like 6 pills of 6-oxo once a day is standard...

    WW7, noticed u might be buying Formasin... care for this bottle?

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