Vitamin E protects muscles during weight lifting

  1. Post Vitamin E protects muscles during weight lifting

    Vitamin E protects muscles during weight lifting

    ISLAMABAD: Vitamin E is known to be important in the formation of red blood cells and to protect the muscle cell membranes from damage during aerobic exercise such as running. Now, preliminary findings show that vitamin E supplements may also protect muscle cell membranes during resistance training such as weight lifting.

    Dr. Bruce W. Craig from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, carried out a detailed research to study the phenomenon.

    In the study, 11 untrained men with an average age of 25 underwent 3 weeks of weight training. Six of the men took a daily capsule of 1,200 International Units of vitamin E while the other five participants took a placebo (inactive) pill.

    Craig and colleagues analyzed each man�s blood level of creatine kinase, an enzyme that is an indicator of muscle damage. The investigators measured the creatine kinase after �power tests�--three sets of upper and lower body weight lifting.

    "Vitamin E supplements did protect the muscle membrane," Craig revealed. Men taking vitamin E had an increase in creatine kinase levels 48 hours after the last power test.

    However, in men not taking vitamin E, that "muscle damage factor showed up sooner--at 6 hours and 24 hours after the last power test," Craig said.

    Vitamin E supplementation did not affect the men�s ability to produce force or power, he added.

    The researchers also found a difference in responsiveness to insulin--the hormone that regulates blood sugar--between the men taking vitamin E supplements and those taking placebo capsules. People who develop type 2, or adult-onset diabetes, often lose their sensitivity to the hormone. However, Craig said that further studies are needed to verify the results seen in the study.

    Pakistan News Service - PakTribune

  2. I've read a study shown that To much vitamin E is bad for the heart as it causes a antioxdent inbalance?

    Anyone else heard this?

  3. oh absolutely,i take a tsp of water soluble vit e with my preworkout protein every time along with some nac,vitc,idebenone/alcar

    plus..dont listen to the naysayers of vit e as its all bull****.those idiots were proven WRONG with 'oh its bad for you,blah blah blah' take your vit e guys!

  4. althought one thing i dont want to dismiss is perhaps an imbalance of vit e forms?believe it was in lef so not so quick to call bs.perhaps taking the normal found form(crap..i think its the regrular tocotrienols)instead of balancing with(again,crap,i think its the gamma form?sorry dont have article here)
    may cauase an imbalance and harmful effect.anyone?

  5. The gamma is the stuff that works and most multi's contain only the alpha. In too high a dose, it can become pro-oxidative, just like Vit C and ALA could.



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