Venom Hyperdrive

  1. Venom Hyperdrive

    Man, I did not like Venom Hyperdrive AT ALL.

    It boosts my energy for sure, but I experienced headaches, not the "what a annoying headache, I wish it would go away" kind of headache, but the "SOMEBODY IS TRYING TO CRACK MY SKULL OPEN FROM THE INSIDES" kind of headache. It's that bad.

    I also experienced loss of libido. I'm 22, mind you, I get random and countless woods everyday naturally.

    It seems here most people here liked this product, good for you folks, but this is definitely not for my body.

  2. Liked it but the loss of libido is a downer for me I use it on occasion for a mental boost

  3. It did its job for me but I did suffer from anxiety attacks while on it. But on a decreased calorie diet and cardio etc were also a factor, i'm sure.

  4. I too noticed the drop in libido while on it for a week. I think it rivaled ephedrine as far as reducing my appetite and for that I love it. When I polish of my nearly full bottle I'm thinking of adding some sort of bulk herbal to help with libido.

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