Artificial sweetners in all (or almost) our supplements

  1. Artificial sweetners in all (or almost) our supplements

    We have artificial sweeteners in almost all our supplements (protein, BCAA drinks, preworkout drink, cookies mix, just to name few of them). Now I probably like most of you am taking some if not a lot of this type of supplements, But have no idea how much artificial sweetener I'm taking for each dose of them. I searched on lot of sites and on tons of labels none of them indicate the quantity of the sweetener used but just the name of the sweetener.
    Does anybody know where can I find this information? I know each of the forementioned supplements have different type and quantity of sweeteners. But I'm asking in case any of you have any information on any specific supplement in this regard. Maybe board sponsors can help.

  2. You'd have to contact the companies in question but tbh they probably won't tell you.

    And even if all of the supplements you listed in your first sentance do have artificial sweetners that still doesn't include the HUGE amount of products that do not contain sweetners so I don't think the title of this thread is very well worded.

  3. 1/ I already contacted some companies and didn't get any reply.
    2/ The title is maybe not perfectly worded but the fact is that all the powder supplements that we take beside bulk row ones have artificial flavor and sweeteners in them. If you don't think so please tell me which one on them does not.

  4. I know ISS research protein doesn't have them. It's sweetened with dextrose. Which is real sugar.

  5. Well dextrose is not much better than artificial sweeteners. And this is only one product among tons of supplements that contain artificial sweeteners.

    Anyway this was not my question. I'm just interested to find how many artificial sweeteners do the supplements contain if any. As a rough estimate or % regardless of type of sweetener.
    I've found an old (1995) Jar of Nature best protein that was sweetened with aspartame and it says 0.59%. This is 170mg of aspartame for 1 single dose. Imagine taking 2-3 dose of protein per day plus a preworkout mix, and a BCAA or like plus any other soft drink you take or sweeteners that you put in your beverage and I'm sure you will end up with a total dose way over the Daily acceptable Dose.

  6. The type of sweetener should be listed in the ingredients list. Most of the artificial sweeteners, sucralose too, are very sweet at a very low amount. The little packets you see in restaurants etc are mostly filler (to give the look of an equal amount of table sugar). In addition there is a very fine line between sweet and horrible. ie, there probably isn't much variation in how much sweetener is used in similar products.

    Most companies will not give out exact amounts of flavorings/sweeteners etc. Its more to protect the formula than to hide the amounts, as the flavoring is usually what makes the product unique. Again, if you are comparing two similar products (say both protein) and they both use the same type sweetener, the amounts will be similar.


  7. Thanks Tsc.

    Actually I did not ask this question to compare products but just to know how much of a specific sweetener (let's say sucralose) I'm taking each day.


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