considering my first prohormone cycle

  1. considering my first prohormone cycle

    Hi i have been reading for many many months now on prohormones and have come to the decision to give them a try. My diet is in check and i am physically and mentally ready but i want to do it right. I would need help choosing which would be the best and "safest" i say as in smartest since it would be my first cycle i want to asses my reaction and tolerance. My intention is not to have huge gains but lose fat and become as physicaly fit as posible.things to take into consideration in my opinion are work i work in construction drywaller do alot of cardio summer i cycle about 2 hrs a day besides work a cardio and working out so am very active. could some of you please help me in choosing what to take i have looked into it on many forums and product sites but alot is hype and i want the opinion from experience.
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  2. judging from your physique, and your activity level, I don't think you need PH's to lean out bro. If you want to get even leaner than you are right now, you just need to get your diet more in check, and with all that activity and cardio, you will lean out. But keep in mind you need to have muscle underneath there so that you look good when you get cut up. If I were you right now, i would be looking at putting on some mass, and looking at a PH to do that with. But that's just me.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by loony41
    Hi i have been reading for many many months now on prohormones
    Not to come off like a **** but if you had been doing so much research, youd be able to answer your own questions. Search around and go to the Steroids section...there is plenty of info.

  4. you dont even look like the same guy in those pics. You dont need prohormones to lean out in my opinion. Diet is the way. People use prohormones to gain muscle and get bigger usually. Prohormones are basically legal steriods, for the most part. Cardio and diet will help you lean out not PH's.

  5. Agree with above, first cut to your desired bf levels then add ph's is you are set on doing a cycle. You may want to wait a bit anyways because Matt (dsade) from nutra has been hinting at a new compound that is stronger then sd and pp while having less sides.

  6. I agree you should def cut before you get on a prohormone. Ph's are used to pack muscle on. I would continue to cut and get down to your desired body fat and then take your pro hormone to put on muscle.

  7. I think you should REALLY look into USP and Designer Supplement products. They are as good as any prohormone product and better for you.


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