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  1. Saw Palmetto

    Im currently running Powerfull/cissus + Anagen and in a couple of weeks i will do the NHA-stack. The thing is that i feel like I have to pee a lot lately and my concerns go directly to tha prostate. I have no other signs besides the peeing part. Is it a good idea to run Saw P with testbooster like PF and ACt as a standard addition or is there any risks at all adding the stuff?


  2. I just went off my powerfull/cissusrx stack then anagen/fenotest right after. Now i'm off all boosters and taking saw, along with milk thistle and a whole prostate health pill.

    Sorry i didn't answer your question, maybe it's time to take a week off of naturals and repair what you can before you jump back on. I know i am.

  3. Ozz, I work in the biggest cancer center in NYC and it is arguably the best in the world. I do my research in the urology department and let me tell you, if BPH or any other urinary issues start to arise (dysuria, hematuria, frequency, ect.) see a urologist. There are a lot of factors that come into play (as you've no doubt seen by doing a search on the matter) but my advice is to really check out some postings.

    Another option you could take advantage of, is to immediately get a PSA done from a blood draw (Prostate Specific Antigen). Generally, if it is above a 4, then there may be some cause for concern. Anything below is normal. This is simple, quick, and possibly the most "comfortable" way to see. A DRE is no field day.

    Sorry to sound so alarming and your issues are probably just a mild side effect, but my experience (day in and day out) is dealing with people who wait too long to see if there is a problem and ultimately develop cancer. Be smart, do a search, and I hope it all works out, bro.


  4. Hairylarry! Thanks for your reply. Im 25 years old and quite sure i don't have prostatic cancer. And im not sure you should see an urologist every time you pee a little bit more frequently then you use to(unless your 50 years old). My question is more like if you should add DHT protection when your on a natural anabolic to prevent benign hyperplasia? I never done steroids or SD or something like that. I am though grateful for your sincere post!!


  5. No prob, Ozz. Just so you know, I see prostatic cancer in young guys, too (albeit, not very often). Just making sure you know the extremes of these symptoms!!


  6. Ozz,

    How much water do you drink per day? Has it increased since you began your stack? Also, some of those supplements in your stacks are known to have diuretic effects too. You may want to look into that path also.

  7. which of them is diuretic? Im not sure about the waterconsumtion, maby.


  8. Anti-estrogens naturally have a diuretic effect. Also, cissus tends to have "drying" abilities, from my observations, at higher doses. I always notice this effect but then again I always dose Cissus at 8-16 caps per day.


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