Anyone try Tension Rx?

  1. Anyone try Tension Rx?

    anyone try this product? I'm just desperately trying to find something before I have to do a presentation to calm me down...

  2. Never tried it or its ingredients. Id recommend a small phenibut dose of about 500-750mg, and about 150mg of theanine.

    If you need something quickly, find a decent brand of Kava and take enough caps to equal 150mg of kavalactones. (will vary by brand but should be listed as a % on label)
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  3. i've used it and at 2-4 caps it has a nice calming effect. Personally i like Hi-Tech pharmaceuticals new Somatamax formula better. It's a powder and adds l-dopa, GABA, tyrosine, phenylalanine, and arginine. This formula is much stronger.

  4. I take Phenibut, theanine, rhodiola and valerian extract.

  5. thanks, so all of the above mentioned things help with anxiety? and Pimp C, would you recommend tension rx for public speaking anxiety?

  6. yeah, 2 caps should do you right... or one scoop of the somatomax product.

  7. you may want to look into mrm's relax all, its a solid formula.


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