Ordering Prohormones.

  1. Ordering Prohormones.

    How long does it generally take to receive the product T-1 in the mail once the order is placed. Also how would you compare T-1 to a similar transdermal like one+?

  2. 2 days anywhere in the US I believe Chemo said, which is awesome. And for the price of homebrew 1-T to One+, I believe its untouchable.

  3. Depend where you live. Yes t-1 is similar to one+ but more ingredients.. one+ 2.7g 1-test 9.3g 4-ad(rough numbers) t-1 5g 1-test 10g 4-ad....  WHere do you live?? Talk to ya..
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  4. One more thing I forgot to ask is since we don't have to deal with the customs, are products always received? I don't want to pay for something and not receive it. I am from Toronto if that helps.

  5. 2 days .. BAH, it took me 1 whole day to get mine !!!!!!


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