Ordering Prohormones.

  1. Ordering Prohormones.

    How long does it generally take to receive the product T-1 in the mail once the order is placed. Also how would you compare T-1 to a similar transdermal like one+?

  2. 2 days anywhere in the US I believe Chemo said, which is awesome. And for the price of homebrew 1-T to One+, I believe its untouchable.

  3. Depend where you live. Yes t-1 is similar to one+ but more ingredients.. one+ 2.7g 1-test 9.3g 4-ad(rough numbers) t-1 5g 1-test 10g 4-ad....  WHere do you live?? Talk to ya..
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  4. One more thing I forgot to ask is since we don't have to deal with the customs, are products always received? I don't want to pay for something and not receive it. I am from Toronto if that helps.

  5. Since you are from Canada you will be going through me. Shoot me an email and we can talk....It is sent from Calgary and you will get it in 2 days.... Talk to ya.

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  6. 2 days .. BAH, it took me 1 whole day to get mine !!!!!!


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