Which fat burner worked the best to burn fat -vs- which one gave you the best feeling

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    x2 What USP said. Everything and I mean everything I've seen and wintessed first hand is you can not run it indefinate with the same results. And i'm not even gonna go into the prostate issues from running it for long periods.
    I see Kerruptt already posted one below. I'm not recommending anyone run it it indefinately. My point was merely that contrary to popular belief, it does not quit working when the jitters quit. As the study shows, it continues to work at the same dose. There is no need to increase it to experience those jitters.

  2. Just my $.02

    I prefer the old school ephedra based products. If you're willing to pay the price you can still find the stacker 3's with ephedra. I used 2 of those a day and dropped about 18 pounds of fat in 3 months.

    I'm currently using yellow swarm for energy/thermogenic effects and can tell a difference in first 2 weeks. These are supposedly the Stacker 4 of the family and made by the same mfr as Stacker 3's.

    Anway I know you can find them at stacker 2 original ephedra - Ephedra for sure b/c thats where I ordered mine from. Delivery took 4 days and I'm not sure how long those will stay in stock due to the ban.


  3. clen+T3 is always my combo of a choice everytime i do a cutter. Along with the cardio and the diet, it's all you need to lose the fat.

  4. I think AMP is is the one for me...had loads of energy, not jittery, no headaches, and it also seems to be one hell of a mood lifter/enhancer...

    Body Type: Ecto

    Lipo-6 was good for energy but I really didn't notice much else from it.

  5. I have to revive this post... Here's the difference that Lipo-6 makes in just 6 weeks.

    So, for all of you non believers out there... There ya have it. lol This stuff works.

  6. lol, it worked so well it totally changed tha camera angle.

  7. haha, well it was like 3 inches on the waist and tightened everything else up considerably. Also, about 10lbs.

  8. It REALLY helps, if you do 'before' and 'after' pics.. that you do the same pose, in the same lighting.

    Also, bodyfat / tape measurements are a real bonus, when talking about transformation. 3 inches off the waist is quite an accomplishmetn... Good Job!!!


    Quote Originally Posted by CallmeClark
    haha, well it was like 3 inches on the waist and tightened everything else up considerably. Also, about 10lbs.

  9. Yeah man, I wasn't really taking before and after pics. I could make one to match that other one though I guess. Not right now, I just got done carbin' up on my carbup day. lol It was pretty explicit too.

  10. For me, I don't care as much about angles, etc. - because this wasn't a log. However, stats, angles, etc., make an apples-to-apples comparison possible.

    The results seems excellent.


  11. Thanks Beau.

  12. Throw in my 2 cents. Clen helped me burn fat the best. Regarding OTC fat burner- I got the best results from straight Lipo 6 with E HCL and some Nicotine. In terms of the best feeling: A combination of AMP and HEAT with a little nicotine is by far the best.

  13. I am new here so sorry if I don't know but what is the ECA stack? I've heard a few people talking about it.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by celliem View Post
    I am new here so sorry if I don't know but what is the ECA stack? I've heard a few people talking about it.
    usually it is:

    bronkaid/primatine-can be bought behind the counter at drug stores
    aspirin-usually just a baby aspirin will do. my understanding is that it helps keep blood platelets from 'sticking'?

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  15. "Feeling" is a very broad, subjective term in relation to a fat loss stack. Some people love the stimulant effect of thermogenics, some people want to quietly lose weight without having to think about it. I personally tend to fall on the latter side, so the ideal "feeling" for me is a mild stimulant boost at most. In other words, I'm not looking for a stack to make me sweat when I'm watching the evening news for it to be effective.

    I've ran 8 weeks of the EC stack on a low carb diet, losing a significant amount of fat. Effects are similar to low doses of amphetamines for the first few days, but they are quick to wear off. The thermogenic and metabolic increases really don't go away though. As imaginable, the bp increase from the stimulants can induce anxiety and cardiovascular stress among other things, which is why it is advised that a traditional EC stack is dosed atleast 4 hours away from yohimbine HCL, another type of fat burner.

    A much better version of that from personal experience however is stacking a receptor specific beta blocker with the EC stack. Not many people are familiar with this, but the synergy between the BB and EC allows you to add in full doses of Yohimbine HCL on top of the EC (before fasted cardio) without having to worry about the cardiovascular or CNS stress normally associated with it. I'll also add in some EGCG if I'm feeling ambitious. Regarding OP's question, this stack by far provides me with the best "feeling". The BB keeps your heart rate at a normal level, and the majority of the negative effects associated with the EC+Y stack become a non-issue.


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