T-nation's negative Muscle Mix article.

  1. T-nation's negative Muscle Milk article.

    Anyone read the article on Muscle Milk over at T-nation?
    Testosterone Nation - Consumer Report: Muscle Milk

    I don't put much faith in it, I read it as more of a cheap trick to get T-nation followers to their product instead of a competitor's. The author Dave Barr claims that glycocyamine is gonna give you cardiovascular disease. For a supposedly scientifically minded guy he misses the fact that folate and betaine is in there too, to help address any dangers with glycocyamine.

    I'm no scientist or pubmed guy, but the AMA states that there hasn't been a study to show even a casual link.

    I think I'll keep using the stuff, it just tastes too damn good. It's been the first MRP that I haven't dreaded. My gains have been great with the stuff too, drinking it pre and post workout.

  2. Gator, Muscle Milk isn't ideal Pre or Post workout, but it's almost as good as getting laid

    Sometimes T-Nation just writes stuff to create a response from others and therefore increasing their products' visibility among BBers.

  3. Yeah, I know it's not ideal pre or post, but it just tastes so damn good!

    I usually throw a scoop of whey in with the MM post, for protein that is more quickly digested. Also some fresh fruit for carbs, since it's so low for carbs.

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