How should I use Phera-Max with Gaspari stack and other Supplements

  1. How should I use Phera-Max with Gaspari stack and other Supplements

    I am new to this forum and I need some advice.
    I am almost ready to start using my one bottle of Phera-Max and I have one bottle of Novedex XT, which came with the Gaspari Superpump/SizeOn stack.
    I have also stocked up on various supplements to keep my T going and keep the E down: 7-Keto DHEA, ZMA and HealthyNfit's "Advanced Steroidal Complex" consisting of HMB, Tribulus, Dehydroepiandosterone/7-Ketodehydroepiandosterone and some other minute add ins like ALC & NAC, herbs and zinc.
    And I also have these others to keep a healthy balance:
    Milk Thistle Powder, Hawthorn, Celery Seed, Flax Oil, Glucosamine & Chondrohtin and some Twin Lab "Horny Goat weed" with Epimedium, Maca, Mucuna Pruriens, and some herbs with Yohimbe.

    My plan is to bulk.
    I am 33 yrs and 6' 180lbs.
    I have never used any thing like Phera-Max.
    I know that I take the Phera for 4 weeks and then the Novedex for 4 weeks, with the other support throughout the
    8 weeks and beyond.
    So could I use this with the Superpump/SizeOn Stack too?

  2. My advise would be to leave all that stuff unopened in your supp cabinet untill you have spent a ton of time reading up on those compounds. The search button is right up top next to the "new posts" tab. Read up on logs and discussions and after you have gleaned a decent amount of knowledge and still have some specific, unanswered questions, post them up.
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  3. sounds like a bit of overkill to me the thread entitled "running SERM inverse to ADT" or something like that. That thread is a PCT bible. also forget stocking up on individual cycle support supps. just go to and buy 2 bags of cycle support. that'll cover you for a little more than 2 months. get some protein while your at it. its awesome. the cookies are cool too.

  4. Thanks.
    I checked out and I wish I knew about that before I ordered everything seperate from
    Looks like a good product, but how are the reviews?
    Though do I really need to order 2 packs for 4 weeks pct?
    60 servings: twice a day equals 30 days?
    And that cookie dough looks good , but it is expensive.

  5. Its good to start a week or 2 early before the cycle. Some will say not to...others will say definitely pre-load. I start a little early. Use it while your on and keep using it during PCT. Reviews? I'll give you mine. My BP was through the roof, so much so that I didn't think I could make it through the cycle. I couldn't concentrate b/c I'll I felt my heart pounding through my chest ALL DAY. I went to the docs and got a prescription. didn't work. started taking Cycle support and in 2 days I was fine...theres my review...expensive? eh? its all relative. what is it a few bucks more? 5 maybe? if you bought Cycle support first you would have saved at least 30 I bet...the protein is the best I've had. And I've taken a whole bunch of them over the past 17 yrs or so. Another Review? sure....I was on a 4 day business trip last week. I lived off AI protein and continental breakfast for 4 days straight, seriously, not that i really wanted to but I'm lazy and I can put in for $25/day in meals..had about 6 shakes a crappy gas (well no more than normal)..nothing but a happy clean feeling. after 2 days I was wondering if I could make it all 4 days. no problem. I could barely make it through 5 pounds of other proteins in 2 weeks without just dreading it. A little pricey? maybe buts its like 5 bucks more and the quality is the best I've had by far. good luck...and keep poking around here. you'll learn by osmosis after a few months.



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