Look what I found in my "rat hole"

  1. Wink Look what I found in my "rat hole"

    M1T 180 caps (BN)
    Methydienolone 2% 5 grams
    4-AD 25 grams (BN) 2ea
    4-AD SCI Fit 300mg 60 caps 4 ea
    SNS MOHN-XT 90 caps 5ea
    Pheradrol 4ea
    Mega Trn 2ea
    Methoxy Tst 2ea
    Phera-Max 2ea
    X-MASS 3ea
    Superdrol 5ea

    I think I am set for 2 lifetimes!!!

  2. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    sounds like it, however I'd ditch the M1T....

  3. Yep, it going in the trash. I just didn't do any 'spring' cleaning in a while. I did not realize that I still had 4-ad powder.

  4. Must be some big rats.

  5. If you found that in your rat hole, you sure that's M1t you found and not rat poison?

  6. 6" 228 12% bf (Hydro tested). Training about 18yrs. Started to accept PH's about 3 yrs ago. Before that strictly AAS. Now my rat does do a combo of AAS and ph's.


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