1. Guggulbolic???

    I've been looking at this product (Guggulbolic by Syntrax) to possibly try while im cutting, and you guys never fail to shed more light on anything I'm interested in. I'm just basically looking for more information on the product like --
    1. Effectiveness? (success or failure stories as well as research)
    2. Side Effects? (short and long-term)
    3. Good products to stack this with? (possibly thermogenics and such)
    Thanks as always. I look forward to hearing your input.

  2. Personally I never saw this work for me...

  3. let me add a fourth question. that being.. What, if any, fat-loss supps would you recommend? Ive been looking into FL7 as well as others, but it seems like the jury is still out on most fat-loss supps for some reason.

  4. Good old ECA is proven to speed up fat loss. Inexpensive too, which is always nice.

    Your right though, the jury's out on a lot of the others.

    Personally, I don't think you need anything too exotic to lose fat. Clean reduced calorie diet, cardio, and optionally an ECA is your bread and butter.

  5. Gugg hasn't exactly done wonders for me (or most people), but I wouldn't rule it out yet. I think we're going to find that higher doses of E and Z isomers (the good stuff in it!) may prove to be more beneficial than first though IMO. As for a great cutting agent, I loved FL7 myself (gotta get another bottle actually)

  6. I think guggul is only good when you've got been dieting for a while already, and your metabolism is suffering, but there are other ways to combat a slowing metabolism.


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