Supps for Damn Rotator Cuff!

  1. Damn Rotator Cuff!

    I've been suffering from a rotator cuff injury for about the last two months, and it hasnt really gotten much better. I dont know much about what, if anything, I can do to help it recover quicker. Im really eager to get back in the gym though. A friend recommended Glucosamine Chondroitin (Optimum Nutrition's Glucosamine + CSA @ I read up on the product and it says it is for joint relief. I guess my question is if anyone has had any experience with this product or knows if it might be a good choice to help me get over my injury? Also, if anybody knows of anything else that might help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advace for your replies.

  2. sorry for the brief response, will get back more on this later, but I would no longer recommed glucosamine bro. you might want to take a quick look at this: Glucosamine

  3. thanx biggin. you changed my mind about that one pretty quickly. however, if anyone has any other ideas for me, im listening.

  4. MSM maybe?

  5. Megadose the flax and perform cuff-therapy exercises.

    About a year or so back I noticed pain in the cuffs and started the exercises up, and since then I've notice no pain there. Make sure to perform them as a warm-up prior to any pressing movement.

  6. Physiotherapy bro, i had a cuff injury for 5 months finally the third month i started physio and i'm 90-95% better now.

  7. I used to have constant shoulder pains that acted up real bad when i would bench and do certain other exercises. I then went on a cycle of 1t-pro and made sure to rub it on my shoulder often. Within a week my shoulder pain was gone. This was most likely due to the dmso. So i would agree with JWeave and say try rubbing some dmso or msm on it. One is a derivative of the other i forget which way it goes though.

  8. would the MSM capsules suffice? looks as though i can get 1000mg x 120 capsules for only about $8.

  9. I have had constant shoulder problems. I mixed up my own topical batch which worked very well for me.****880


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