Stacks and designer steroids?

  1. Stack?

    I just got a package of the fenotest/anagen stack + powerFULL/cissus stack. My question is if I should stack em all together or first do one followed by the other???


  2. I'd say do one first, take a small break, then do the other. That will give you a better idea of what's working and what isn't.

  3. post your stats, goals and bodybuilding experience so someone can properly address your question...

  4. How old are you? And don't touch designers until you know what is required. Post cycle therapy is always required in some way or form and I wouldn't call designer steroids ''supplements''.
  5. Smile

    Age 26. Bw 210 pounds, bf probably 14%. 194 cm
    Training strategy: Gym 4 times a week + morning walks. Strict high protein diet.
    My goals are to build mass and gain weight, an area that I feel has reach a dead spot in the last year:-(

    Thanks for the replies


    Ps: Don't judge my grammar, I'm Swedish:-)

  6. Ah well in that case Phera-Plex and it's clones (Phera-Drol, PheraBol, etc) aren't harsh compared to other designer steroids and can give some good gains.

    You might want to change your diet a little though, sometimes a plateau just means you need to change things like your diet or workout routine.

    For PCT information and more information on Phera-Plex just use the search function, there are plenty of threads about both. Welcome to the site Oscar

  7. I concur, Phera is for the most part regarded as "pretty clean" as far as the sides go and most people gain well on it (as long as they eat well on it). I would do 4 weeks, something like this: 10,20,20,30mg. It would probably be wise to have on hand some liver protectants, blood pressure control, and some cholestreol supps... or just get Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support (all in 1 and good price)... as for post cycle therapy, make sure you have a SERM on hand to kick start your testes (tamoxifen, clomiphene, tormifene). thoroughly read through the PCT section of this forum to educate yourself further. Also look up Dr. D's protocol in "running SERM inverse to ATD" that is my pct every time now, I was impressed by the results.

  8. also, you might consider saving the feno/ana and powerfull/cissus for while on pct. May help you retain all your gains if not keep gaining.... Just a thought


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