gyno problems please help

  1. gyno problems please help

    Hey guys i have a gyno problem. I was completely stupid and did a cycle of m1-p and m1 aplha back in march. I had no clue what i was really putting in my body and i realize how dumb i was i dont need you guys to tell me i just need some help and advice. My nipples are bigger and puffy and they feel rather sensesitive with a small lump behind them. is there anything i can do to get rid of this because its pretty annoying and i hate seeing them or am i completely screwed?

  2. You cycled back in March and its just popping up now? Or you've had gyno since the end of your cycle? Little more info would be great.

  3. sorry yeah i cycled back in march and it started but i was stupid didnt think anything of it now it seems to either gotta worse or been brought to my attention more from being on the forums.

  4. I'll let some of the much more experienced answer you for sure. My understanding is that once you have gyno, its only possible to remove it totally via surgery. Letrozole may reduce its size, but its something much easier to prevent then to get rid of. Just wait and see what other have to say.

  5. ok thanks for the advice hopefully i can get some more good advice from others on here

  6. Can I ask how old you are? Something like Nolva might help.

  7. I am 19 i know way to young to even think about that stuff but like i said didnt kno what i doing. If i do take nolva what should my dosage be and for how long?

  8. Probably wont get much of a direct personalized answer because of your age, but if you look around hard enough, you'll find some info.
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