1. Exclamation Transdermal/oral CUTTING SUPPLEMENT NEEDED!!

    The only part I need to get rid of fast is the fat in the abs area! I've heard of transdermal clen but i dont know if its as good as some ppl say... Besides DIET, i need a supp to help out.. recommendations?

  2. only effective trans fat loss i know about is Lipoderm Ultra.

    For fat loss orally: basic cuts, cAMP, youshouldreallytrysearchingany ofthisasitsallbeendiscussedine noughdetailtomakeyourheadspin V. 20 reloaded.

  3. i cant find an online store for lipoderm lol

  4. Quote Originally Posted by IronMind
    i cant find an online store for lipoderm lol

    You obviously didn't look very hard then, seeing as how it took me 10 seconds to find three Board Sponsor online supp stores that have it(nutraplanet, island, planetary..).

  5. Quote Originally Posted by IronMind
    i cant find an online store for lipoderm lol
    Sadly enough, your lazyness is far from funny.


  6. Universals Kits PGH-T. It is good for a pound a week without trying.

  7. what bodyfat% are you. Lipoderm ultra isn't as good if you have a higher bf% it's good for lower amounts to really see results. probablly like under 15%

  8. lipoderm ultra with added clen and cap hp rubed on before. Burns like hell, but works hella good as well.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Rage (SoCal)
    Sadly enough, your lazyness is far from funny.

    I typed it in the search and didnt find any sponsors or anything....

  10. im at around 17%bf more or less

  11. you need to actually go to the sponsers websites. Here, ill help you, Sport Nutrition Supplements for Bodybuilding and Fitness needs go there and look for lipoderm ultra, Avant labs makes it.

  12. thx bro.... im going to search for some recommended doses+stacks for lipoderm.. but what do you recommend?

  13. Honestly, I'd go with the pGHt from by far and away the BEST cutting sup I've used.. it REALLY works, and I haven't lost an ounce of muscle or strength... and there is your product pimping of the day, folks

  14. As far as transdermals, If you're looking for spot fat-loss, I would get down to a low low bodyfat first, even if it appears like the problem spots aren't disappearing. I tried lipo-Y for lower chest fat, and it didn't do a damn thing because my bodyfat was too high. Heard good results from people at sub 10s using that stuff.


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