anyone try the new size on tablets

  1. anyone try the new size on tablets

    Anyone try these yet just wondering i have seen good reviews on the powder wondering if the pill form is just as good

  2. Today was my first day taking them. I took them in the morning as instructed on the bottle. What i don't understand is that on the directions it says "take once in the morning". However, on the label it says "creatine gluconate for use intra-workout and post-workout". So part of me wants to take the pills when i workout. But since they are tablets I am not sure if it would be absorbed as fast as the powder...

  3. Take em when you workout and after your workout.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by CHAPS
    Take em when you workout and after your workout.
    Thats what I am thinking. It seems like that makes more sense than taking it once in the morning.

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