Big Announcement!

  1. Big Announcement!

    Come check out the new - body building supplement, hgh supplement, buy this was a six month project that has finally come to an end. We went from about 400 products to over 6600! Check it out and drop us an email to let us know what you think. Thanks to everyone for all your support and be on the look out for pGHt to be hitting the shelves of GNC early next year. Thanks to the members here and other great boards the product is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Use the coupon code "anaminds" for 10% off on everything in the store.

  2. Good to haar, the new site is light years ahead of your old one, I placed an order on gencore just because the old one didn't work. I am glad GNC will carry pght, it will help get the product some recognition.

  3. The link isnt working and the normal universal kits webstie isnt responding either.

    Want to check it out though

  4. anyone try this yet??

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