Need Help Deciding

  1. Arrow Need Help Deciding

    I am deciding between:
    1. Activate/Reloaded Stack
    2. Blue Up (Stim Free) solo or stacked with 6OXO
    3. Vitrix

    Tough choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    I'd go for the activate...maybe the NHA stack. What are your goals anyways?

  3. Activate/Reloaded would be my choice,

  4. Thanks. Looking to add lean muscle mass (would like to gain 5-10 lean pounds). I put on 8 lean pounds with Forza, but wanted to try an NHA now.

  5. I would narrow it down to

    Jungle Warfare
    NHA stack

    Any of which you would do well on, personally I would go with Jungle Warfare or NHA

  6. Thanks.
    NHA Stack meaning Activate/Reloaded Stack?

  7. i agree with activate/rebound reloaded stack or even the jungle warfare/restore stack

  8. Personal perference here, Jungle Warfare. Activate made me lathargic as hell.


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