Counterfeit Superdrol?

  1. Exclamation Counterfeit Superdrol?

    I just received a bottle of Superdrol that I ordered. The bottle came and it does not have a screw on cap. It is a cap that you pull a tab and the top pops on and off. There was no plastic seal around the cap. When I opened the cap the safety seal was about halfway peeled off. The cotton inside does not appear to be tampered with, but it's hard to tell. I have never had Superdrol before so I'm wondering if the cap sounds like the correct packaging. The pills are small, clear gel caps with no markings containing white powder. Just wondering what some of you with Superdrol experience think. Thanks.

  2. contact your buyer and get us some pics. usually they are clear gels w/ 10mg of white powder in them. i've seen all screw on tops except for juggernaut nutrition has a poptop. pics will be more beneficial. superdrol can be purchased for like $20, why would you want to counerfeit that - but they do have some idiots out there.

  3. Pop top is possible... what brand do you have? I have a bottle of Designer Supps SD on a shelf collecting dust. It's a pop top.

  4. I'm gonna try to say this as politely as possible.

    This board is not your all in one source quality validation site. It is a buyer beware market out there. You are purchasing illegal substances from who know what source. Then come on here asking us if it is counterfit or not. You assume all risk and liability when making your on line purchases of illegal substances.

    This board does have reputable board sponsors who provide quality products.

    If you buy anything elsewhere take it up with your supplier.

    Thanks for understanding
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