PowerFULL/Cissus Rx question.

  1. PowerFULL/Cissus Rx question.

    I've been reading various things on both products and cant seem to find a clear answer on side effects. I'm assuming it's pretty safe but I just wanted to be sure before I tried it. I'm 18 and don't want any thing that messes with test.
    I did a search too, so sorry if something like this has already been posted.

  2. You wont suffer any HPTA shutdown issues w/either PowerFULL or CissusRX. Powefull does seem to have some estrogenic activity, some notice it and others dont. Its very mild in this regard however, nothing to be concerneed with really. I would think that either supplement would be fine for a n 18 year old.


  3. Thanks a bunch. Now, time to charge up my credit card.

  4. these products are completely safe IMO.

    Right now I am taking Powerfull/Cissus/C2/Symmetry X - pretty much the whole USPlabs aresenal. I am getting nothing but positives from these. I have logs going at the SynergyMuscle forums and at bodybuilding.com

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