Supplement Bulk...Need some advice please

  1. Supplement Bulk...Need some advice please

    Hey guys im 19 yrs old about 180 lbs and 6 ft tall for starters. I started off at 6 ft weighin 135 lbs so i am happy with my gains but i want more and i was wondering if u guys could recommend any supplments. I believe im a non responder to creatine i have tried it many times and have never gained any strength or size. When i bulk i tend to eat about 4500 calories a day. I kno at my age everyone will say no to pro hormones so dont worry im not thinking about that. How about any natural anabolics though? Can you guys just give me a general idea of what to look into? Thanks

  2. at 19 and on 4500 calories I would look to your actual diet and training before supps. to find the root of the problem instead of putting a bandaid on the situation with external help.
    Give a rundown of your average diet and how you keep track of the calories and your training to include frequency and intensity.

  3. Yeah...even a hard gainer at your age would be gaining fine on a clean 4500kcal/day. How's your diet atm?

  4. These guys are right your diet is #1 your training program #2 as for supplements i would recommend cissus/powerfull if you have some extra $$ throw in some anagen great stack and all herbal. Before you rush off thou give some serious thought to letting these guys fine tune your diet and you will have the best results ever i promise. good luck.

  5. Ill admit my diet probably could be better. It consists of 3 shakes a day. 1 weight gainer shake and 2 pro complex shakes. My diet isnt that strict i eat the same amount everyday but not the same thing all the time for instance some days ill have a ton of tuna as my meal after dinner instead of lunch. Ill usually have 2 -3 cans of tuna about 2 bowls of oatmeal...about 1 or 2 peanut butter sandwhiches... a couple chicken breasts... some cheese burgers...a plate of pasta and sometimes some other kind of beef but alot of times that beef get replaced with not so good food like pizza when my friends ask me to go out lol. But thanks guys ill look into the cissus/powerfull but probably jsut try to enhance my diet.

  6. Yeah, you need more calories from whole foods and not the shakes and i would be willing to bet your calories are no where near where you tyhink they are.
    set up an account and start tracking everything and figure out where your calories are at and what the macro breakdown is.
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    Yeah ill try to focus on the diet I do count out the calories so they are about 4000 but ill try to get more using whole foods maybe eliminate that 1200 calories weight gainer shake. Ill also check out that Thanks for the advice man.


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