Fl7 Ii

  1. Fl7 Ii

    Please share experiences w/FL7 II. I'm considering using it along w/Yohimibe HCL which I have left over from cutting last summer. I'm looking to lose 15 lbs targeting loss in the ab area of course.

    Am also considering Usnic Acid but am a bit concerned about overall heath effects. I would like to stay away from ripped fuel/hydroxycut for the most part as when I take full doses I feel i become somewhat dependant.

    Am curious as to peoples experiences w/FL7 or FL7 II. Overall I have had good results w/Pars products.


  2. I've been using FL7, along with Lipoderm-Y for the past 2 weeks and have had pretty good results. I have lost 10 pounds (probably mostly from no carb diet, gallon of water per day, and cardio 4X per week), but have not lost any strength yet.

    I think that the FL7 has helped me with not losing strenght as of yet, but I know as I lose more and more fat, I'm going to lose some strength.

    One thing though. I notice that lipoderm's consistency, smell, feeling is totally different from FL7's. Is that cause there is no menthol in FL7?

    I know that Lipoderm is for spot reduction of fat, so it's not supposed to force the Yohimbine into the blood stream, but for the 7oxo, it is the opposite right?

  3. That is right about the difference between 7OXO and lipoderm.

    I did the same fatloss cycle. I lost 20lbs in 4 weeks. I went from 20% to 14%. I could have done more, but I was losing strength, and got discouraged........ It sucks when your major lifts start to decline. I'm not sure if the FL7 helped at all in that way, so I think it was a bit disappointing, but I was on a big time keto diet....

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