Best Time to Take Halodrol

  1. Best Time to Take Halodrol

    is there a better time in the day to take Halodrol and/or when should it be taken relative to your workout?

    also - Since Orastan-E and prostanozole are off the market - is there something comparable to stack or what else can be stacked with it?

  2. Doesnt matter when you take it. Try stacking it will a good diet and tons of protein. I'm pretty certain that will work well.

  3. The half life has been reported to be very long so timing is not as much of an issue. That said, I would consider taking it with your pre workout meal or with your first meal of the day on non training days. This was effective for me but I don't know if it's more effective than any other way.
    My logic was:
    Pre workout because your muscles will be pumping with blood about the time it hits your system. This allow for the substance to be very effectively pumped through out your body. It may have been a placebo effect, but it gave me a nice mental and physical boost in the gym regardless ;-)

    First meal of the day on non training days because your body has been fasting and will be ready to soak up whatever you throw down your mouth.

    Just my 2 cents...Good luck!
    Oh, and welcome to the board ;-)

  4. any opionions on an alternate stack, like for example, is pheradrol ok?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by AnonyMoose
    any opionions on an alternate stack, like for example, is pheradrol ok?
    I would be leary of mixing 2 methyls together. I think Halodrol does well on it's own but if you must stack it with something, you may consider FinigenX Magnum.

    I am currently stacking H-Max (same as Halodrol) and Rebound Reloaded. This is a great harding/cutting stack IMO.



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