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  1. Best Cutting Supplements

    Question for those w/more knowledge than me.
    I've been bulking for a few months now, about to begin cutting for 1-2 months for summer/modeling.
    I have no problem cutting my cals, I'm quite good at it, my problem is maintaining as much muscle as poss while I cut down under 7% bf.
    I plan on upping my cardio (running) to every other day, cutting cals as much as req'd, weights every other day, to lose 1 lb/week until shredded.
    For supps I will occassionaly take an ECA, I have yohimbie HCL as well and some ALA.
    How much ALA should I be taking daily? 1000 mg?
    Since BDC has cut sales of usinic acid, which product would be most beneficial in addition to my current supps that is not a prohormone?

    I'm considering Anant's FL7 II but am not convinced that is my best choice.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.


  2. Originally posted by JWest0926
    Since BDC has cut sales of usinic acid
    More is on the way, do not despair.

  3. As far as ALA goes, I'd use 1500-2000 mg. taken with your carb meals.

  4. Why only 1lb a week are you concerned any more will result in muscle loss. 2lbs a week is more than possible. I mean why diet longer than you have to.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  5. A few options to consider:

    1. Look into SAN's "Tight." It has Synephrine, Forskolin, Synthetic Guggulsterones, Caffeine, Yohimbe, Vinpocetine. It is an all around non-ephedra fat burner.
    2. Green Tea Extract capsules. Very cheap. 1fast400 carries for $7/100 capsules. Take three spread out over a day.
    3. Acetyl-L-Carnitine. This gets a little expensive. Beyond-A-Century has a good price one this: 120 caps/500 mg for $19.90. You should take 2-4 caps a day.
    4. T2 (3,5-diiodo-l-thyronine). PBL makes "TRx" and SAN makes "Thryocuts II." PBL's is cheaper.
    5. CLA. I think you need to take about 9 grams a day. So this can get expensive. But many swear by this supplement.

    Incidentally, most people advocate taking R-ALA over ALA. It is more expensive but you don't have to take as much. You can take 600 mg a day of R-ALA. 1fast400 carries his own brand and Syntrax just came out with "R".

  6. Power Nutrition
    Power Nutrition's Avatar

    If your looking for Usnic Acid, check out the sticky titled "Usnic Acid" in the Swap Meet forum.

  7. Thanks alot for the options Guy in LA. Greatly appreciated. For those intersted, I'm currently 6'2" 205, realistically around 10% BF. Most of my fat is held in my ab region, I maintain much vascularity elsewhere.

    I plan on cutting to 190 185 over the next 2 mos.


  8. Woah if you're at 10% bf and 205 pounds that means you've got 20.5lbs of fat. Now If you cut down to 185 you'll probably be losing 10 muscles of muscle. I doubt you have enough fat on your body to cut that low. I'd aim for 195-200, judging by your comments about overall vascularity

  9. Thanks for the comments Bryan. Another reason I'm shooting for 185-190 is that the modeling industry wants me at 180. I like myself a bit larger than that due to my bone structure. Last summer I hit 185 probably around 8%, some abs, but not the greatest, this summer I'd like to hit that at a lower BF% w/better abs.

    I'm 22 not that it matters.



  10. New member here, curious what all the abbreviation stand for. Could one of you shed some light on them?




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