Jungle warfare on a cut

  1. Jungle warfare on a cut

    I have been wanting to buy jungle warfare since the day it came out but I wanted to take it along with some calories.

    Currently I'm cutting and considering running J/W for the last 8 weeks. Would this be a worthless idea? I mean, at the least it should help me preserve LBM right? I am cutting very slowly, @ 200 cals under maint.

    Does anybody have an experience or advice to share?


  2. Well, it would be good to try it out. After all you have nothing to lose..

  3. Im on day 9 of JW. Gonna use it for a cut -- 8 weeks. This past week i have been eating about 4-500 cals under maintenance and doing cardio 3x a week. Can't say I have noticed much thus far, but it is a bit early to tell. I have been getting some headaches like other users have reported, but they have diminished in intensity the past couple of days. Slight increase in vascularity. I do think this supp has a positive effect on my mood. Hopefully, by week 3 I will know if JW is worth the $$.

  4. Good luck, and keep us updated

  5. I too was thinking about this, also curious how it would act in addition to T3, enough to offset the catabolism...who knows

  6. Smile

    well, I've added ALRI's Venom Special Tactics to the JW. Started taking it today. So far, on the JW alone (13 days in, 3 caps / day) I have seen a significant increase in vascularity and libido. I've lost a 1/2" on the waist with only a slight decrease in bodyweight. JW seems to have a positive effect on my mood as well -- I'm definitely feeling more assertive. Strength increase though has been negligible. So far I would have to give JW two thumbs up ( or two full boners, whichever you prefer).

    Today, started eating maintenance cals (before i was eating bout 400 - 500 below maintenance). The idea here being to continue the fat burning at the same rate as before, aided of course, by the Venom. Well, I hope it works out that way; I may have to do some adjustments down the line.

    I am still doing high intensity cardio 3x a week, 20 mins per session. Oh, and the headaches are no longer an issue.

    I'll keep you guys updated.

  7. Any updates bro? How's it working? Results??
  8. Red face

    Glad you asked jjohn, i had forgotten about this thread but let me provide an update....

    Today is the first day of Week 4 on JW and so far the results have been solid, to say the least. As I mentioned before, I added Venom Special Tactics the JW to about a week and a half ago to help me with my goal of cutting up while maintaining lbm.

    Waist measurement has decreased by 1 3/4" since the start while my weight has held steady at roughly 195-196 lbs.

    This would indicate to me that I've got some serious recomp action going on here

    In addition, I have experienced a noticable increase in strength. Nothing dramatic, but keep in mind that I am eating below maintenance.

    Vascularity has increased significantly and I am looking pretty jacked in the mirror if I do say so myself.

    As for negative sides to report:

    Skin on the face is a bit oily, but no facial acne
    Getting some acne on the scalp, but nothing I cant handle.

    Thats it....the headaches I mentioned before only occurred for the first week or so.

    Overall, given my progress thus far, I would have to say that this stack is a good buy!

  9. Wow. Glad you got good results like that! Keep it up bro, and don't forget to post the results at the end

  10. Great results! I'm starting a JW cycle tomorrow. Four pills a day for 6 weeks. I'll probably just go about 200-300 cals over maintaince. Hoping to make it a real lean bulk. I'll be happy if I can gain 3-4 pounds of lean muscle.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by stinkfinger
    Great results! I'm starting a JW cycle tomorrow. Four pills a day for 6 weeks. I'll probably just go about 200-300 cals over maintaince. Hoping to make it a real lean bulk. I'll be happy if I can gain 3-4 pounds of lean muscle.
    Good luck. Do a log if you can. Sharing your info also helps a lot with how strict your lean bulk can go.


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