vet b12 complex injection

  1. vet b12 complex injection

    i ordered a bottle of b12 complex from a vet site .has anyone ever heard of humans using this ?how much should i use it for cats,dogs,cattle ect

  2. I have heard of people using the vet stuff. I think 1000mg is the avg. dose, though you may want to start lower. Be aware that the vet grade supposedly stings more. It won't be too hard to track down methyl-b12, and it is far more effective.

  3. should it inject it in the buttocks or arm

  4. subq stomach, butt etc

  5. how long does it normally take to increase energy

  6. w/methyl it is immediate. w/vet grade I think it takes a couple of weeks. Start out injecting every day, then cut back to 1-3 times per week.

  7. Vet grade will kick in in few days to a week. The top of the thigh is the easiest place to inject a horse.

    Intramuscular may bring faster results, subQ may provide longer lasting effect. All in all, it does not seem to matter.


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