Hot Rox Extreme

  1. Hot Rox Extreme

    Just wondering if anyone has tried his yet?Hardly anywhere carrying it yet.The reviews for it have been good at a different board but they may be a little biased also.

  2. IMO Biotest products are overhyped and ove-priced. If you heard about it on T-Nation then it's EXTREMELY biased. There many great products out there that won't cost you an arm or a leg

  3. Compared to previous hot-rox formulations this stuff jacks you up quite a bit more. It was almost sympathetic overload for me. Regarding fat loss I tried it for 3 weeks and lost about 6lbs. The best part about hot-rox is it's appetite suppression. I have NEVER ONCE felt warmer from the product.
    It's not an ephedrine killer like they state it to be but it's a good product nonetheless that I reccomend.
    In regards to losing more fat around the waistline due to me the studies.

    Also take their study reference which states that it burns fat 5x faster than diet and exercise alone with an extremely large grain of salt. That's a very blank statement.

    Also I went for routine bloodwork while on it and had elevated liver enzymes...but that could be from other factors...I'll see how my results come back this time. The good news is that even though I felt all jittery etc on it my BP was normal as was my EKG. But I've never been dissapointed by Hot-Rox (though I have been by other Biotest products).

    As the other poster said....Biotest has a very good marketing department and censors their boards (as in they don't let anything negative go through). That's one of the reasons I don't post there anymore.

  4. Yeah the spot reduction is a little far fetched to say the least to me,how do you all think it would compare to say a Scorch/Sesamin stack?Im really looking for something good for my boss.I got him a bottle of Venom and he has been having good results but they are aggravating his prostate.Appreciate all the replies.

  5. Nice to hear an objective Biotest review from Proteinpowder. I often feel people mindlessly dismiss every biotest product, when some have merit. Although I don't agree with some of their marketing strategies, some of their products have worked well for me.

    Low Carb Grow is in my experience one of the best tasting/best nutritional profile proteins available for a dieter, the protein bars are also second to none.

    Methoxy did not work for me, that being said some friends have used it and liked it.

    I for one am going to incorperate the Hot-rox extreme into my fat-loss program (after Burn3D followed by Dicana/thryotabs).

    And although it may be a over-hyped (sometimes cultesque), it does provide some great articles.

    p.s. how sad is it I can remember Proteinpowder posting on T-mag

  6. If the extreme is still on sale ($31.99 i think), it definitely can't hurt to try it. Not a terrible price.
    if I remember right though, the shipping cost over there is a bit steep.

  7. Yeah I think it's $10 just for the Hot-Rox bottle. I posted on T-mag for that might be why you remember me. I owe that site a lot of credit for how much physiology I learned.


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