sesamin on a lean bulk?

  1. sesamin on a lean bulk?

    I have heard nothing but excellent feedback on sesamin, but would this be a wise choice on a lean bulk? if so, at what dosage for a 180lb person, I was thinking 1.5g of sesamin/day. I am currently taking 10g of fish oil should I cut that dosage back if I incorporate the sesamin?

  2. I would, it can't hurt. It should limit fat gains and I have read that you should take the full 3. It wont affect your gains and will help. I saw that from a Controlled Labs rep on another board as they now have a sesamin product. But I use it all the time no matter bulk/cut and I personally love the stuff. And I love how its getting cheaper now too!

  3. I took a low dose (4 a day) of melting point at the beginning of my recent "lean bulk". I'm in a mild caloric surplus (less then 500 cals a day). In the 5 or so weeks that I took the MP I saw very little fat gain. In the 4 weeks since I stopped taking it I've noticed a definite increase in fat gain.

    I feel that it really worked for me, so it is at least worth a shot.

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