Poll: Which 1 on a cut if only 1 were available?

Which product would you choose on a cut?

  1. Which product would you choose on a cut?

    If only one of them was available and why?

    Powerfull/cissus - counts as 1


    Megadosing Excell

  2. I can't say my experience with megadosed xtend was a great sucess, but it was very tastey (similar thing to excell). I'd also be reluctant to spend a lot of money on a powerfull/cissus stack for preservation when it would be more noticable on a recomp/bulk.

    Sorry to start with a somewhat negative reply mate, but it's just one opinion from the hundred or so you'll get!


    Thinking about it, you guys in the US get your supps much cheaper than us in the UK - so maybe Powerfull and Cissus wouldn't be the wallet busting waste I was making out. Also the vascularity you'd get from Powerfull will make your cut seem all the more better as you hit the lower % numbers and the increased pump leading to better nutrient flow and helping with preservation... so on reflection a vote for Powerfull/Cissus - on the previsio that you aren't paying through the nose for it.

  3. Hmm, I'd like to help but I'm actually doing both at the moment...

  4. PowerFULL and Cissus RX would be more of a bulk/recomp stack like Markio said but if you were to add cAMPH you'd have a pretty good fatloss/bulk stack.

    I've never tried Excell so I can't say much about it.

  5. actually that is a good point - cAMP is very good, I've been very pleased with it so far on it's own.

  6. Well I am cutting right now and I have to say, w/ Powerfull and Cissus I am getting stronger. I am also using Green Mag and Glycergrow and for the first time, Im actually getting stronger during a cut and I am on a carb cycling diet where during the weeks, I eat >30 carbs. I am def leaning up but if I could I would add maybe some Lean Xtreme or some TTA to help hit fat loss from another angle beside the diet.

  7. I will say that Cissus is a great product for joints and I have heard great things about PowerFULL and strength, but they won't do much for you in the way of cutting.

    The one nice thing about using excell is that you can minimize catabolism during and after your workouts by megadosing them, decreasing recovery time and negating some of the effects of cortisol.

  8. I used the NHA stack double dosed on my cut.
    Gave me strength gains I still have, but not necessary.
    The only things I will use in the future are Excell/Xtend, Albuterol, and maybe some kind of stim like AMP or Venom for the times I am not taking the Albuterol.

  9. I've found that Powerfull and cissus have worked great in lean mass retention on my current cut. They won't likely put much if any muscle on you while cutting, but help you keep the lean mass you already have.

  10. Yah, maybe Powerfull is better than the NHA, I don't notice a difference without the NHA, but the cAMP on its own kinda sucks, really does nothing and I'm thinking it was a waste of money, but I've heard good results of others using c2, camp, and powerfull during a recomp.

    If I had to do it again, I'd just use some of the Superdrol mimics that are out there and some albuterol.

  11. You didn't see anything from Camhpibolic? I found that it's been an excellent product, in that I can take it at night and it kills my appetite completely until morning. It's also helped my sleep quality as well, which is an added bonus.

  12. I feel groggy every morning and I don't need to spend 30 bucks on something for my appetite, I just dont eat anything when I'm not supposed to.

  13. I would go with "Megadosing" Excell. BCAA's from my experience are extremely helpful on a cut. If you still have some money then snag Anagen or Powerfull for preservation. But I agree wait for Cissus/Powerfull later on. I have used Anagen/Xtend(and Excell) on a cut and I gained some LBM, but thats just me. You can never go wrong with BCAA's on a cut though.

  14. Cissus and Camphobolic have worked best for me. Mega doses BCAA's are great to stay anabolic too.

  15. BigV and LakemountD, when you say mega dose BCAAs (i.e. EXCELL), what is the dose amount? In other words, what would qualify as "mega-dosing"; is it related to your weight and/or LBM?

  16. good question...

    i do 48g on training days and 24g on cardio-only days...

  17. i'm going with pfull/cis while on my cut. I"m confident that It will do what it needs to.(still waiting for it in the mail)

  18. lol why would you want to use x-factor to cut....


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