*** anyone taken stim x after 3pm and slept ok that night?

  1. *** anyone taken stim x after 3pm and slept ok that night?

    anyone taken stim x after 3pm and slept ok that night?

  2. I have. It's hard to fall asleep but if you're laying down and it's quiet I think you will be able to.

  3. yea, but I only take one cap. I wouldn't take it much later if you usaully go to bed around 11pm.

  4. Uh - I have trouble taking one cap at 6am (getting to bed at 10pm that is).

  5. 2-3pm is my cut off point, any later and I have troubles! That is with one cap only, 2 caps I gotta hit it before Noon.

  6. Yeah, I didn't feel great even after 12 hours from taking it. You could try but I really wouldn't unless I had some benedryl or Tylenol PM lying around.

  7. I have. Great sleep actually and woke up on time/early. I wasnt the regular tired feeling, but when i hit the pillow, 10-15mins i was out.

    The second day I took two caps (9am/4pm) had a great energy filled 3hr workout/cardio and went to bed just fine.

    I definetly felt the energy kick, motovation, and focus one hour after. Also the appitite suppression was good too all day.

    I have read reviews and stuff here about sleep issues, but while taking my sample pack, I have not had any major sleep issues.

    Of course, we all have our own sensitive limits to stims. I am pretty durable in that sense. I can have three cappacinos and go to bed an hour later. Coffee doesnt effect me that much at all. I might experience more negs if I was on this longer than 4 days.

  8. Not me. I took one cap at 7:30 AM and it didn't kick in until 12 PM. Then I couldn't fall asleep until 12 AM and I felt like complete trash in the morning.


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