Testers needed

  1. Testers needed

    We are looking for testers for our next product

    Appetite Support which is an appetite stimulator.

    Preferance if you have made a post here or on another forum asking how to increase your appetite or stating that you are having trouble eating enough because of lack of appetite.

    So go ahead and post if you are interested. We will pick the testers by the end of the week.

    Thank you

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  2. I would love to test a product, but I don't have that problem.


  3. kwycke will be in EVERY thread regarding appetite stimulation!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    kwycke will be in EVERY thread regarding appetite stimulation!
    you post whore............by the way, im also interested

  5. I am interested because Ill be starting a Bobo bulk soon. Although I cant personally tell if its going to be food I cant handle, Ive been eating more than I ever had really on his cut

  6. I want to try it. What do I have to do.

  7. I totally want to try it. I have been bulking for a month, and have been hitting aroung 4000 cals/day, but I want to be higher and I can't seem to stuff any more food down my face. An appetite stimulator is just what I need. I have tons of free time as well, so the log will be very detailed, F.Y.I.

  8. i would love to be a tester for this appetite stimulant...had been having difficult forcing food down to bulk up since my appendicitis 4 mths ago...

    used to be able to down 8-10 meals a day without any problem...now i have to force myself with 6 meals a day...been trying to bulk up but is very difficult since 6 meals is all i feel i can do nowadays...

    having an asian body(well...since i'm asian)...if you need a tester from an asian race...i will be more than happy to help..

  9. I'm willing to try it while running superdrol, a compound that really makes me not want to eat a damn thing.

  10. I'd like to try it.

    Finding it hard to eat over 6000cals a day at present.

  11. I'd love to put this to the test. I feel like my appetite is one of the things standing in b/w me and obtaining a solid 190-195 right now. If it works well and doesn't cost much, I'll use it for a few months if health permits.

  12. I'd love to give this a shot as I find it hard to get the extra calories I need to bulk. I'm just starting a bulk and can use all the help I can get. I'm currently 6' 190lbs and looking to hit around 205 before a cut. Product sounds interesting. PICK ME!!! I think i'm a great candidate for it. I'll even add some now pics.. not the greatest though.

    [IMG]http://www.bodybuildingforyou.com/forums/attachment.php?attachment****42 92&stc=1&d=1151111723[/IMG]

    [IMG]http://www.bodybuildingforyou.com/forums/attachment.php?attachment****43 15&stc=1&d=1151494085[/IMG]

  13. id love to test something like this, i need to eat more

  14. i would also love to try this product, im currently 6'1 188, i was at 205, and i would love to bulk back up

  15. i would also love to test this product, im currently 6'1 188 and was at 205, i would love to really get my appetite going to bulk back up

  16. wow sorry about that stupid old pc, i clicked it a few times cause it just sat there....... and now it posts a buncha times, sorry please remove all but one

  17. You can delete them yourself.

  18. Hoe can I try the product out for you Crowler?

  19. Follow his instructions outlined in the first post and wait to see if you're picked.


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