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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Scottyo
    If you look on avant, they are pretty much saying the opposite things. In fact, Glucosamine HCL is one of the biggest ingredients in Leptigen. So take it for what its worth.
    i just had a bit of a browse through the thread i think you mean.

    i think they were talking about best results occurring while in a calorie deficit. also Spook mentioned that it may not be a good idea for endomorphs.

    for some reason i can't post the link!!!


  2. Hmm, what about chronditin?

  3. I know VPX likes to overhype their products, but I noticed this particular product that looked interesting for join repair, Glucosa Cream.****1343

  4. Seriously, don't worry about glucosamine and negative impacts. Almost all studies that had these used ridiculously high levels. Par, Spook, and Nandi have all commented on it, and thats enough for me.

  5. I can tell you from personal experience that glucosamine will make you fat in no time. It messes up glucose metabolism really fast. Even small doses. At least it does for me. I had to kiss my 5% bodyfat goodbye when I started taking it and I even improved my diet while taking Glucosamine because I have gotten an increace in BF from it before, but it's hopless. I will never use it again.



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