Iron supplements question

  1. Iron supplements question

    My girlfriend is mildly anemic and her doctor suggested taking an iron supplement. Knowing that different forms of minerals have different levels of bioavailability, I'm wondering what the best forms of iron would be for her to take. I see ferrous fumarate, ferrous gluconate, Albion chelated iron, etc etc etc.

  2. I got my wife on Ferrous asporotate by Solaray along with high doses of folic acid and weekly B12 shots. Took care of her anemia in short order.

    She took one pill per day of the iron and then tapered off to maybe one to two pills per week after her hematocrit normalized.

  3. Beverly international Ultra 40 Liver tablets
    Board Sponsor has a great price too.

    I just finished talking about them elsewhere. Quality Product.

    Edit: damnit... the Mrs didn't log herself out. This is Lanbane typing, FYI. LOL

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