Post Venom depression?

  1. Post Venom depression?

    Guys anyone else experience depression after using Venom for a week or more and then stopping? While on the Venom I felt great and was really losing some weight. My libido was really low though and I was not sure if it was the Venom or other parts of my stack so I decided last Saturday to drop the Venom for a day or two. By Saturday night I was really irritable. On Sunday I felt pretty usual. Then all of a sudden Monday morning I felt significantly depressed and it has not really resolved. I do have a predisposition to depression but I am wondering what if anything might have triggered it.

    Also instead of the Venom Monday morning I took an ephedrine/guiafessen capsule and I am wondering if that could have triggered it (doubtful). All other aspects of my stack have remained the same.

    Any thoughts?


  2. Using anything that ups your bodys processes like Venom has a chance to have this effect and then there's all the other variables in life that can add to it including if you are already in a slight seritonin depleted state already.

    It's not venom in and of itself.

  3. Jayhawkk thanks for the reply. Any sort term ideas to restore the balance for this particular situation or just the usual, tyrosine, 5-HTP stuff?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    Using anything that ups your bodys processes like Venom has a chance to have this effect and then there's all the other variables in life that can add to it including if you are already in a slight seritonin depleted state already.

    It's not venom in and of itself.

  4. Non prescription there's just the usual self care stuff like plenty of sleep and making sure you don't keep thinking of anything that would bring you down and focusing on it. Exercise and eating regularly helps too. Your body will need time to build the levels back up.

    If you're not seeing improvements over a 3-4 week period I would see a doc to see if you don't have issues you need professional opinions on

  5. I think this is common with stims and not just venom. Lets be real about it -- these are drugs that excerpt somewhat of a euphoric effect. You have to expect some type of comedown

  6. They do it's just the rebound effect can cause nasty problems for those not used to dealing with it or for those who are already predisposed to depression etc.

  7. st johns wort is good for depression, however it causes sun sensitivity so I quit taking it in order to tan. Now that I'm tanned I'm not as depressed. Plus A new package from one of the Board Sponsors always Cheers me RIGHT UP!

  8. I think your depression is just the symptom of adrenal fatigue caused by stimulants. Adaptogens should help, Rhodiola Rosea, Bacopa and Green Tea could be sufficient.

    It's kind of ironic that I 'cured' my mild depression with fat burners. After using C2 and cAMP for a month I felt much better than I have ever felt. I did some reading and concluded this could be ascribed to the herbs I listed above. Once the adrenals get some help, you start producing cortisol normally [after running on adrenaline mostly while on stimulants] and there is enough pregnenolone to serve as raw material for test [assuming you aren't 'on']. I am not implying this is totally correct or is your case, I am not a doctor.

    If you don't like making your own concoctions, I suggest you look into Diesel Fuel, it has all of the above plus a lot more and is currently on sale at d p $. Best of luck to you!

  9. It took me quite a while to feel normal after stopping Venom. I had literally no energy for about 2 weeks. All is good now. It was definately Venom.... still, that's not a complaint... amazing product and I'd do it again.

  10. I'm speculating here, but I wonder if D-Phenylalanine might help.. I am not an advanced neurochemistry guy, but I know that if you just look at what the D-Phenylalanine amino is a precursor for, it seems to match up nicely with Ergo's AMP product. Sometimes taking AMP, there's a big comedown, depressive period. Not sure how Venom works, but might be worth looking at.

    D-Phenylalanine is something you can find in some online nootropic retailers. DL-Phenyl is more widely available and cheaper, but the D form is more interesting as it's a precursor to endorphins.

    Bacopa and Ashwagahnda may help you as well.

  11. I am always down one notch when off stimulants. I think I am addicted to them, as they help me to blast through my day, and even 2 weeks off of them, I still feel like I could use some. I have a very busy schedule.(60 hrs/week + gym), so this might not help with fatigue..

  12. Yeah - on my 2 week break from caffeine I was a ZOMBIE. Had no motivation - was nearly napping at work.
    (Which is a problem - that's a posted offense where I work )

  13. Wow guys thanks for all of the serious and very helpful replies. I will definately look into the adaptogens. I am sure my adrenals are fatigues from to much use of stimulants over the years. There was a while there I was on them all the time. Then when I realized the damage I was causing myself I stopped. But nothing ever truely went back to the way it was before I ever used stimulants. This time I figured I would give it a shot and look what I get. I guess I just need to learn my lesson for good and steer clear. Also the D-phenylalanine sounds good but I am not sure because when I have used DL-phenylalanine I have gotten headaches. so I'll have to look into that one some more.


  14. I found Camphibolic gave a good sense of well being and put in down to the Bacopa, good stuff.

  15. camp is as good as it gets! another great USP product... a staple for me for a long time...


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