1. Kre-Alkalyn

    Hello everyone !

    I have been trainning for several years now and I did not use many supplements during those years. I have tried creatine monohydrate and experienced severe digestion problems ( like dirrhea etc.etc ) before I could really see the results. I would like to know if Kre-Alkalyn or creatine ethyl ester work and if they are moderatly easy on the stomach !

    Thanks !

  2. Ethyl ester didnt bother me at all, at the same time, i didnt get poop out of it. Never tried alkalyn

  3. If I were you I'd spend the money on something else like Whey Protein.

  4. If you are already using whey protein, I suggest you buy a multivitamin, and then a creatine ethyl ester (best IMO) would be, in order of priority, the best purchases in supplements.

  5. HEllo,

    thank you for your answers. I am already using whey protein and also a multivitamins... So I guess i can go for some CEE ! If you have other supplement suggestions please tell me !

    Thanks !



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