Powerfull + Cissus RX + Anagen

  1. Powerfull + Cissus RX + Anagen

    I was thinking about doing a stack of powerfull + Cissus RX + Anagen... Has anyone tried this? What does everybody think? I have never taken any supplements besides creatine and would want to run something like this over with everybody. Do you think this would be too much for a newbie?

    Thanks all!!

  2. There is a known synergy between Powerfull and creatine so I would add creatine in there.

    Cissus is anabolic for some.

    Anagen really excites me and I will be running it solo after I am done logging Burn3d.

    For myself, it's more expensive but I like to run the product by itself at first and then add in other supplements to see if a synergy is created. With that said, I will run Powerfull and CEE for the first time together soon as the results for there synergy are OVERWHELMING.

    Good luck.

  3. Add some creatine that you know works for you and that should be a pretty good stack.

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