Ok to combine Ephedra products with Anabolic products???

  1. Ok to combine Ephedra products with Anabolic products???

    Hello All,
    I'm a newbie to this forum so if I am posting this in the wrong section I apologize and please direct me to the correct place to post this question. I was just wondering if anybody has any advice as far as if it's ok to combine an Ephedra based product like Superdrine with an anabolic product like Hyperdrol. Is it not necessary?? Does Hyperdrol also work like an Ephedra supplement as far as suppressing appetite? Should I not combine the two? I'm looking to lose weight as well as put on lean muscle. Any information would be greatly appreciated. And once again I apologize if this question is posted in the wrong place.


  2. If you take eph. pre-workout to get the boost and focus, it should be ok, but dont take it all day long because it will suppress appettite, and can lead to muscle loss, and you dont want that, you want the best gains possible right? You can't really take fat burners to burn fat, eat small, take hyperdrol, and expect to gain weight. I think it's pretty summed up.

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