Labrada Super Charge

  1. Labrada Super Charge

    Hey I just bought super charge after using no-xplode for a while and basically getting no effect from it. My friend said he also used no-xplode and it did nothing for him as well and said that super charge is alot better and actually worked for him. I.E. made him stronger...more So i read up on super charge and most of the reviews i found were today i bought it. I noticed on the ingredients list...its listes "naturally occuring IGF-1, and IGF-2...along with other growth factors, such as FGF(fibroblast growth factors), EGF(epidermal growth factors),CTGF(connective tissue growth factors). Now i have done minimum reading on IGF-1...and from what i recall it seems to be a serious substance. Is this real IGF-1 in here?...I'm just very confused as to all the growth factors it lists...anyone have information on it?

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  4. Humanofort products have been around for a while. Maybe you remember all the deer antler velvet supps that came out a few years ago. With that being said, it is natural but I don't recall having heard of anyone getting IGF like gains from eating antler extracts. Besides that, true IGF would get completely denatured in the acidic enviorment of the stomach.(It is a protein, thus the need for a carrying agent or injection)
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  5. It's is real IGF - it won't do anything for you as Grimace mentioned.

  6. i know a guy who swears by supercharge, his physique is decent but i kid you not it made him crazy.i dont know if its the caffeine or what but he is the most annoying guy in the world, talks a hundred miles an hour about god knows what, bouncin off walls, yelling across the gym for a spot or to finish a previous conversation(even personal ones). so use with caution and in moderation.LOL

  7. very good stuff


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