Taladafil + L-arginine = nausea, diziness,

  1. Taladafil + L-arginine = nausea, diziness,

    Hey guys so I decided to take 30 mg of Taladafil(cialis) and then i took my arginine esther as usual. Well i though I was goin to pass out. Nausea, dizziness, a bit of a burning sensation on my face.... I'm going to eat a little bit, give myself a few more hrs and then meet up with my girl. Hopefully i'll be able to "perform" cuz if you guys read my last posts, i've been having trouble in that dept since i came of my cycle. Right now i just hope that this general feeling of sh*t is going to pass in about 2 hrs when i'm supposed to see my girl. I was thinking about popping in a Nasutra too, but i'm not sure anymore. I'll take it with me just in case, that this other stuff i'm on doesn't work. Never tried it before but I heard that it makes you VERY hard. Taladafil keeps you going but it doesn't give very strong wood. So i'll see how this goes.

  2. I was just doing a little research and i guess what it probably is is that my BP lowered too much.. What would bring it back up? Should I just have a cup of cofee? And would that kill my taladafil effect?

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